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The company I work for (gospooky.com) has an upcoming WebAR game coming out where we would like to animate the UI with some nice effects. Our main-game has 3 minigames that all have some endscreens for instance, where the final scores need to be shown and where you'll get your 'stars'.. basically the usual endscreen-animation that a user sees when he finished a level. We wanted to animate it in code first but because of time-constraints we're choosing to do this in Spine.

Who are we looking for?
Someone who has a good feeling for nice and smooth animations and is skilled in animating UI-elements. You have to understand how skinning works since we might need to change some assets for different markets (swap out some artwork).

What kind of animations?
Think of a gravestone popping out the ground (with some added particles) or a popup-modal being scaled from 0 to 1 with some nice extra elements (to make it a bit more interesting than the standard scale-animation).
The exact amount of animations is not 100% clear yet. You'll receive a proper briefing when we're ready.

What's the style?
It's mostly cartoonish. Not realistic at all, so in terms of animation-style you can go a little bit over-the-top. :grinteeth:

What platform?
All animations will eventually sit inside a threejs-application. So the outputs needed are a '.atlas.text', a '.json' and a '.png'.

Why Spine for UI?
Well, we choose to use Spine because of the low-size assets and the flexibility of animation-styles. Also the skinning-possibilities are nice because we need to swap some illustrations depending on different markets.

We need to know the following:
  • your availability
  • a portfolio (or at least some links to some work you've made)
  • that you have a good feeling for a nice and smooth animation style

If you are interested then you can send me a pm-message, I can then pass you on to the right person to talk about all the other non-creative stuff :) , however that works, I'm keeping an eye out on the forum-post here ;)

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