Our mission at Eastshade Studios is to make games that feel like real places, and to explore the ocean of game design outside of combat. We are looking for a 2d Spine animator to help us bring the lively world of Glimmerwick to life: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1706510/Songs_of_Glimmerwick/


  • Prepare artwork for rigging (psd files), breaking things up as needed, and filling in parts necessary for joints
  • Rigging creatures and characters from scratch
  • Working with existing rigs
  • Design and create animations from simple rigs
  • Being creative within the limitations of the rig, coming up with suitable animations using movements the rig/pose can effectively accommodate
  • You will be animating mostly with the body, not the face, as the game camera is usually very wide, and we tend to not invest that much into facial rigging.


  • An animation portfolio demonstrating expressive and believable animations
  • High level working knowledge of Spine, both rigging and animating
  • We are fully remote so must enjoy working independently
  • Must enjoy animating natural human life: Conversing, idling, sitting, sipping, lounging, etc
  • We do not use Spine’s FFD/mesh animation (pseudo 3d), just bones.

Job Features

  • Contract position. We believe we have at least 3 months of work, with potential for more, though likely not all at once.
  • $17-$23 USD/hour
  • non-US applicants welcome (as long as you are proficient in english)
  • Fully remote
  • Flexible work schedule (no specific hours or days)
  • There will be a paid art test (paid at the same rate)​

If you're interested, feel free to PM me with here with your portfolio and/or questions. Thank you!
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