Hello, I need different runtimes and shaders in different Unity projects. I installed 4.0 on a blank project a week ago for testing renders which worked fine. Unity version 2021.2.8f1.

The problem now is when going back to a project that uses 3.8 exports, I need 3.8 runtime and shaders. The project now opens in Safe Mode with a ton of errors due to the runtime not being available. Bypassing safe mode shows it isn't showing in the Project Packages while the URP shaders remain. Additionally, 3.8 runtime won't install. I've tested it on a completely new blank project and it has the same problem:

Thanks for your time


Replying to my own post to say that it's because the unitypackage needs to be dragged and dropped in the Assets folder, not package manager'd.

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Glad to hear you've figured it out, thanks for letting us know!
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