So idk what happened, musta been one of the recent updates but decided to hop on to my game and for some reason assets using Spine sprites are just screwed up. Idk if this is a game maker issue or spine issue (im reporting to both here and game maker forum.) I am using the functions specific for skeletons and I haven't really made any changes to the script controlling object splne sprites nor with the spine sprites themselves in spine. I did tho exported and imported spine sprites with the recent updated version of spine to see if it did not.

What is also strange, another project Im working with also uses spine assets but they work fine.

Anyone else have this issue? I will try and record what issue is being shown and compare it with previous video but essentially, like some characters limbs are bent in a different direction that is not intended for the specific animation. Or some animations are mixed with other ones. Its like game maker is having a hard time choosing which animation to properly use. Even when my character hits a target, the target just freezes instead of playing their "hit" animation for a while, then continues to play after a few seconds.


So here are the two videos to compare.

Working -

Problematic -

The character is shown crouching in the 2nd video and its suppose to get back up.
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Game Maker Studio only supports a specific version of Spine. Their documentation sadly doesn't state what version is supported. I believe it's Spine 3.8. You most likely updated your Spine Editor version from 3.8 to 4.0 or later, and re-exported your skeletons. When you then try to load those skeletons, the Game Maker Studio runtime will likely fail to display your skeletons probably, as the file format changes between Spine Editor major.minor versions. E.g. skeletons exported from Spine 3.8 are not compatible with skeletons exported from Spine 4.0. Please ask on the Game Maker forums what Spine Editor version you have to use with the Game Maker Studio Spine Runtimes.
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