Hello, I am changing a characters arm at runtime using the sprite attacher script. once the new arm is attached a new material is created and it starts to animate but the mesh is not animated. but if I don't use the sprite attacher and run the game using the default skin the arm is animated but so is the mesh it looks the animation in spine and not just an item moving. when using the sprite attacher it only animates the sprite not the mesh. is there away to do this via sprite attacher. ive looked into skins but I need the items updated at runtime after the game begins. I am new to unity and spine Thanks in advance.
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If I understood your question correctly, then you have the problem that you can successfully replace a region attachment, but replacement fails (with strange vertex placement) when replacing a mesh attachment.

This is due to the very limited nature of the old legacy example component SpriteAttacher, which is limited to attachments of type RegionAttachment, it will replace an existing MeshAttachment with an un-deformed RegionAttachment which will animate and place vertices incorrectly.

Please instead check out the example scenes Spine Examples/Other Examples/Mix and Match Skins, Mix and Match and Mix and Match Equip.
You may also want to check out the spine-unity documentation section Combining Skins below:
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: Combining Skins
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