I am attempting to make a rigged animated character using Spine but this "base" character will be able to pick up items and equip them such as jackets, helmets, etc. This will be a 2D top-down game and will include a ton of different gear options. Also, characters will be able to choose a base character with different skin colors, hairstyles, etc... I would almost like it to be a base character animation (skeleton) and you add gear (like a jacket) on top of the skeleton dynamically in the game so it moves with it.

I have tried Skinning but I would rather not have to create every type of variation for each possible gear outcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Please see the spine-unity docs on how you can combine skins:
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: Combining Skins
You can check out the Spine Examples/Other Examples/Mix and Match Skins example scene and the Mix and Match Spine example project on how you can create individual items as skins and combine them at runtime.
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