I used Unity 2019.4.xx before (URP) and all spine objects performed very nicely. But since I upgraded to Unity 2021.3.xx (sorry for wrong title, how to change it?), things perform quite poorly. In scenes that run at stable 60 FPS before now runs at 20 FPS (in mobile device). In the scene, there is a "massive" spine object (that can use some optimizations), but the question is, why/how did it perform better before? I wonder is this a known issue? Is there something that works differently in Unity 2021 that causes Spine to work slower? I'm asking because even though it has the most noticeable impact only in that particular scene, but it also affects all other scenes in my game in general, because I have spine objects everywhere.

I know I can optimize that scene quite easily by splitting the spine object into several parts and bake some of the simpler parts, I'm just curious of what might be causing the slow down. Any thoughts?
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Sorry to hear that. Are you sure that the render pipeline and project settings have not changed in regards to e.g. shadow casting on secondary lights and similar settings (or perhaps new settings were added)? You could additionally perform a diff on the whole ProjectSettings directory and additionally on the render pipeline assets of your 2019 and 2021 projects.

Another thing that comes to my mind is that perhaps Unity's batching behaviour has changed, from aggressive batching to (more correct) conservative batching. Is the framerate also worse when only using a single Spine skeleton in the scene, and nothing else? Also, is there any framerate difference when removing all Spine skeletons from the test scene, and comparing this same scene in your Unity 2019 and 2021 projects?

Regarding the thread topic: unfortunately that can't be changed, you could only delete your post (and thus implicitly the thread) and start a new thread with the correct title. No worries however about the wrong version number in it.
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