Hi there,

We're a small multinational team developing RAWconcrete, you can think of as a spiritual successor to an old side-scroller Heart of Darkness, released in 1998.

The game('s beginning or DEMO) is set in urban setting and is all about realism, from graphics, sfx, animations etc.

We already have an awesome Spine 2D animator in the team however we'd like to bring reinforcement to speed things up a bit.

You'd be tasked with animating all kinds of things: doors, trees, tree shadows, human NPCs (idles, walking in front, rear and side views), animals like dogs, cats, birds/pigeons, machinery/mechanisms, and so on and forth.

Please, go to game's website at https://www.rawconcretegame.com/ (e-mail is at the bottom of the About page) to get some idea of the game. Play the video below to see for instance what kind of door animations are we looking for and so on ().

Paying via Western Union only. Paying for multiple tasks at once, for example, every time we reach $500-800 you get payed. No payments upfront.

If you think you got the needed skills and above terms are acceptable to you, reach us via e-mail stating your rate and for some immediate reference, how much time you'd need for a door animations like those in the video (3D effects included) and the cost per one such animation.

Oliver (project lead)


Some more details:

For start, you would be animating a number of doors.

Here are some examples to get a clearer picture (by Arman Harutyunyan):

An elevator exterior door, with some nice 3D effect:

An elevator interior flaps, also with some nice 3D effect:

An elevator chain link door/flap and safe door, with 3D effect:

A washing machine, along with rotating fans and such, the simplest there are:

In addition, see attached images.

Regarding deadlines, when we send you a task such is a single door animation, we expect you to do it within 2 days max. For more tricky ones like character/NPC side view walking and such, about 4 days. In essence, you'll have the time you need and you'll have all the layers you need.

IMPORTANT: we're not after funky cartoonish animations, but as realistic as possible. If you're tasked with creating a realistic walk cycle, as an animator you're expected to do your own research, relay on references and deliver quite realistic cycle. If we think it can be improved a little, we try so. Sending a funky walk obviously far from realism that needs ton of iterations and thus more money to produce is ground for termination of collaboration.

Now, we don't have all sprites that need animating ready, but a number we do for start, like these doors in attached images. So, we're talking about continues work with pauses between tasks. Our 2D artist finishes sprite to be animated, sends it to you, you do the magic, we implement the animated asset. He prepares another sprite for animation, you do the magic, and so on and forth. We reach $500, you get payed and we continue on. Bonus payments may/will be sent too if one really delivers.
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I am an 2D animator with wide experience using Spine and I can help you with your game with high quality animations.
Please contact me at:
animatikistudio(at)gmail . com
and we can talk about prices and details of the project.
I am fast worker and my rates are reasonable, I am sure we can have a good deal.

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