Looking for 2D animators who want to join an ongoing project. I am planning to quit my current dayjob soon if I find the right people, and make the project my full-time work. I am looking for people who want to be co-founders in a new game studio, and willing to do either full-time or part-time work schedules.

Originally this project was going to be a solo-development effort, but I've decided to open it up and take in more people for the project. The project already has on-going art assets being produced, and some code (mostly server code) working on the backend game logic.

I primarily need people who can work on making Spine2D assets. I can focus on developing servers, gameplay programming, and post-processing fx. The target development time for the project will be 12 months, after which we will be releasing an early-access version + seek crowdfunding + seek seed funding + present at gaming conventions.

Target Market : Multiplayer Tournament eSports,
Game Engine + Tools : Unity + Spine2D
Game Art Style + Themes : SciFi, Dystopian, 2D top down twin stick shooter.

My portfolio here:

reply to this thread, or email me if you're interested ( <removed> )
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