EDIT: This work has been completed April 25 2020. Thank you.

Hello, I'm currently working on a 2D online, roleplaying space adventure game and I'm looking to have my character base model sliced/diced to make it compatible for Sprite animating, as well as a basic walking animation in 3 directions (north, south, east). I'm open to your recommendations if you suggest editing of the sprite details if you're able to do them as well (such as changes to limbs or whatnot. I'm only but a programmer).

Here's a 1:1 example of the base model standing, as well as East frames I currently use for walking/running (just for context):

If anyone is interested, feel free to reply, add and message me on discord (! Russ#1162), email me <removed> or DM me here. I'll be hanging around here of course but I recommend discord or emailing for a more immediate response.

If you'd like to see latest ship/HUD related progress on the project so far (lightly inspired as a fan for Starship Troopers, Star Wars, Star Citizen, etc.), here are a couple short videos using placeholder art:

This is paid, of course.
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