I'm having a problem when playing a particular animation in unity. Occasionally instead of rendering the correct texture a garbled or partially garbled texture is shown instead for a single frame. This creates a distracting flashing effect. The problem occurs with both mechanim and Skeleton Animation and reimporting has no effect. The problem only affects a single file which I have looked over and does not seem to contain anything strange. This problem has existed over several revisions of the file however the way it manifests changes each time the file is changed. The problem originally occurred on the attack animation but moved to the move animation after an unrelated change was made to the file. Additionally, the way the textures were garbled changed after a new animation was added even though no changes were made to the move animation.

Below is the original glitch in the move animation:

*Note, the head in the image is a separate spine animation attached using the skeleton utilities

This is the new glitch after a new animation was added along with what the animation is supposed to look like:

Anyone seen this before or have any ideas about what this could be?
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