I have converted my Unity project to URP, and I wonder if there's an easy way to convert all existing Spine shaders on our Spine materials to use the URP/Spine/Skeleton instead of Spine/Skeleton.

I have A LOT of Skeletons, so changing the shader for each one of them will take a while. I tried the Render Pipeline Converter, but it can't convert Spine skeletons.
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Likely the fastest way would be to use a text editor like Visual Studio Code, open the main Assets directory there (File - Open Folder..) so that it's searchable. Then search and replace usage of the Skeleton shader guid string:
, guid: 1e8a610c9e01c3648bac42585e5fc676,
and replace it with usage of the URP/Spine/Skeleton shader guid:
, guid: b2f45941d9f4fe9479ce1aebb9d63fbf,
Note that the , is used here to only replace usage of the guid, not where it's declared, which is the .meta file next to the shader.

As always be sure to backup your project first so that you can revert any mistakes that happen.
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