Hi there! I'm using Spine and I have to animate a character in 10 different movements. I would like to know if I could add new images when the animation is completed, as I would need to have the same 10 animations with the character changing the color of the clothes or eyes.

I have added new images to the correspondent bone, but I don't get them to follow the mesh of the previous clothes, so they wont be animated.

I would like to know if there's any way of getting this new images to follow the previous animation, or if I need to do a new mesh for every one of them.

Thanks in advance!
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I guess what you are looking for is linked meshes:
Mesh attachments - Spine User Guide: Linked meshes

Note that linked meshes must always be in the same slot as the source mesh and that the images must be basically the same size. Recent versions of PhotoshopToSpine allow you to specify the trimming bounds by layer mask and set the linked mesh in advance by using [mesh:name] tag, so these may help in adding images to the skeleton. Please see the README.md of PhotoshopToSpine for more information:
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