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Abbey Games is looking for an experienced Spine animator! Details:
  1. You will do most rigging, asset creation and animation for the project.
  2. You will work remote as freelancer.
  3. There will be dozens of small, animated characters, and some larger, more complex, ones.
  4. You will use skins & randomization
  5. If we're interested, you will do a paid test assignment first, so we can see if it would work well.
  6. VFX experience is helpful, but not necessary.
  7. The assignment is expected to last a year or so. Although probably not full time.

Are you interested? Please DM me your portfolio and rates! We would be happy to review your work!

Hope to hear from you!
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Hi Abbey. How are you? My name is Johnatan. I work with Motion Design and 2D Animation. I have already developed works for Riachuelo, Citroën, Volvo, Nike, C&A, Telhanorte, Fleischmann, Philips, Wacom, among others.

Portfolio >>

Best Reguards.
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