I've got a question about the use of Spine assets in Unity using the 3d hinge chain to make dynamic bones. (Blog: 2D and 3D physics for spine-unity)

Our game has a lot of different 'Balls' in that the player can choose and select. We dynamically load them through instantiation of their prefabs.

We have this funky giraffe ball that we want to have a floppy neck. It works great when I set this up in the scene (see image). However, because we want to turn our balls into prefabs I don't know how to approach this because when you create a 3d hinge joint it removes it from the hierarchy and adds to the scene (as the documentation says it does).

Our goal is to set up the 'Ball' with the hinge joints and turn it into a prefab so that we can instantiate it into multiple scenes.

Q - Does anyone have any ideas for what we could do to achieve this?
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I'm not sure I understand the exact problem, but I assume that creating your prefab with the following hierarchy could fix your issue:
+-- HingeChain Parent
+-- Spine Character
You could also re-parent the Spine Character node later if necessary. It's just important that HingeChain Parent is not a child of it.

In case I misunderstood your question, please let me know :).
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