Hi everyone! My name is Khei I'm a professional 2d artist and animator for 5 years now.
I can provide you art and animation services for your game!

You can see my works here:
Im also at:
hint more samples if you email me!

My services:
-2d Game animation
-Animated Game splash arts (and artwork)
-E-book animation (and artwork)
-UI/LOGO animation (and artwork)
-Game asset animation (and artwork)
-Animated skits and shorts (and artwork)
-Promotional animations (and artwork)
-Animated trailers (and artwork)

From concept to output, I can confidently provide for you!
Wanna talk about that project you have in mind? sure! kindly email me: <removed>
I'll be waiting! :)
Kheillustrations <3
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Hi my name is Bud one of the members of a small low budget indie studio working on our first game.

We have a super talented artist that were really happy with, and we are making a CCG so static artwork is fine. But I'm curious if we could use spine to animate our characters and how well it would look given the level of detail and amount of 'texture' that is present.

Here is a sample character:

Do you think it would work well? We could switch to full body portrait so there is more to work with, but we don't want to simplify or change the overall style.

If you'd be interested in taking one of our characters and making an animation demo shoot me a message with rate. If it can be made to work then we'de be interested in talking about commission work.

Thank you for your time,
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